Introducing Leanna Biggs

Meet The Award-Winning Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Over 20 years, or more, my hobby has developed into a life-long passion and career leading me to work with some incredible and inspiring people. I get to share the big day of beautiful brides, calm the nerves of professional entrepreneurs taking the stage, and not only help people to look amazing, but FEEL amazing too!

A large part of my childhood was spent performing on stage, so I started playing around with makeup from a very young age (think: head-to-toe glitter). My parents also owned a fancy dress shop and stocked lots of theatrical makeup so there was a lot of experimenting. And, once I reached adulthood, my desire to ‘play’ was still there, So, I not only honed my ‘craft’ but expanded it to include hair styling too, so I can provide the whole package to my clients.

I grew up, and still live, in Bath with my husband and two children. It’s such a beautiful city with many lovely venues that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, but I also cover the surrounding areas and am more than happy to travel further afield, as well as internationally. Professional, passionate, and dedicated would best describe my approach. I take great pride in what I do and I simply love it!

I do everything I can to make people feel comfortable and at ease, I want them to enjoy the experience and it’s so important to me that my clients are truly happy with the final result and still feel like themselves (on a really brilliant day!). I just use makeup to enhance what is already there, not to cover up and mask the face beneath.

 My Training

I was fortunate enough to train at the highly acclaimed Bath Academy of Media Makeup, of which Oscar Winning Makeup Designer, Peter King, was a Creative Director. He won the prestigious award in 2004 for The Lord of the Rings so to learn my profession at an academy that he was such a big part of was fantastic. Sadly, the academy is no longer open, but I am continually building on my skill set and undertake regular refresher training courses in both makeup and hair. I am also an active member of the Kristina Gasperas online academy where I am able to keep up to date with the latest tips, trick and trends to ensure I am always at the top of my game.

 I specialise in the bridal sector, because not only can I work on a diversity of looks, but with lots of different people. From classic to vintage it’s a real privilege to be involved in the behind-the-scenes activity before the ceremony and I get to visit some amazing places too! Whilst bridal makeup and hair is my main passion, I also offer my services for Editorial, Commercial, and Corporate events as well as private makeup lessons, which include skincare advice. After all, they do say that variety is the spice of life…

Get in touch

I’d love to hear how I can help you look and feel amazing. I currently cater to Bath and the surrounding areas but am willing to travel, including internationally: